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Yurting & Surfing

A few weekends ago, myself and 13 other ladies headed out to Bude in Cornwall for a weekend of surfing and yurting.

It was my friend Sarah’s hen do, and we had all been looking forward to it for months! Now I’m not a huge fan of camping. I really like the outdoorsy-ness of it all – hanging out with your friends, drinking and eating under the stars. But I’m not a huge fan of the freezing cold nights, the wind flapping round your tent and the typical campsite shower and toilet block.

So I was thrilled to bits when we arrived at the East Thorne campsite in Bude and saw the yurts that we would be staying in. These are as close to luxury as you can get! Comfortable beds and futons, a log burner to keep you toasty and warm all night, a fully functioning cooking area with fridge and last, but by no means least, a hotel-quality toilet and shower block.

Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting

We stayed in the first night and were treated to a gorgeous BBQ in their brand new converted barn/eating area. Decked out with fairylights and candles, it was a bloggers dream!

Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting

After an excellent nights sleep we got up the next day and headed out to our surfing lesson with Robin and Mike.

I’ve done a tiny bit of surfing, but that was about ten years ago, so I didn’t anticipate much success!

Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting

We started off with a bit of bodyboarding so we could get used to the waves and how they interact with the surfboards. That alone was brilliant fun!

Surfing and yurting

Then we headed back to the beach where Robin showed us how to get from lying on the board, to up and standing. In theory it all looks quite simple. I can however confirm that it is in fact far, far from easy!

Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting Surfing and yurting

As soon as you get to a half standing position, unless you’re standing on the exact right place on the board and have your balance perfectly, you’ll flip right off. This was the standard for most of us – kneeling on the board, then falling right off!

I did manage to stand up a couple of times though. And what a feeling it was! It was so addictive. Even though I was battered and bruised (some of the girls were even bleeding!), the desire to get back on and try and stand up on the board again was so strong.

After two hours we were all done. I have never been so exhausted in my life. I seriously don’t know how people do it for anymore than a couple of hours at a go.

We headed back to our Yurts (after a yummy lunch in the beach cafe) and had the world’s best shower followed by the world’s best nap. Seriously, I’ve never napped so well. It was utterly bliss!

Then we got dressed up as Mexican wrestlers and headed out to Bude for a night of debauchery. But I’m not going to share those photos as they’re just too indecent! You’ll just have to use your imagination!

If you’re ever looking for a glamping experience in Cornwall, I can definitely recommend these Yurts. In fact I’d really love to go back there sometime soon.

Victoria, x

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Rooftop Bars in London & Dinner With A View

It was my sister’s 30th birthday recently, and as well as putting on this fantastic nautical themed party for her, we also spent the day in London drinking cocktails in fabulous bars, and eating ourselves silly!

Still in the middle of the heatwave (isn’t it just glorious?!), we decided to head for some rooftop bars to catch some rays as well as some views.

First up was Vista in The Trafalgar – this is a gorgeous hotel right on the edge of Trafalgar Square. As well as a very posh looking bar on the groundfloor, they also have a wonderful little rooftop bar right on the top of the hotel. We headed up and took our seats in the sun….

London Rooftop BarsLondon Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars

As soon as we sat down, Anna said “This is a total indurance test”, which was so true. The sun was so strong that day and it was the middle of the afternoon. Undeterred we settled down with our drinks and soaked in the view. And what a view – it’s amazing. You obviously have a great view of Trafalgar Square, but you can also see the Millenium Wheel, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

It’s a lovely bar – the staff were very friendly and attentive. It was also quite small, so didn’t feel hectic or too touristy. In fact we didn’t see any traditional looking ‘tourists’ in there, which was nice.

London Rooftop Bars

London Rooftop Bars

London Rooftop Bars

After a couple of drinks we left and made our way down to the South Bank – as usual it was chock full of weird and wonderful things. A photographers dream! But we didn’t have too look to stop and stare, we had drinking to do!

London Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars-9 London Rooftop Bars-10 London Rooftop Bars-11

The next stop was the rooftop bar on the Queen Elizabeth Hall. We didn’t stay for too long here as we were meeting a friend in the Oxo Tower. So we quickly downed our prosecco in the sunshine and moved on once again to the OXO Tower.

London Rooftop Bars-12 London Rooftop Bars-13 London Rooftop Bars-14 London Rooftop Bars-15 London Rooftop Bars-16

We were really lucky and were able to grab a seat outside in the sun (after having first been told there was a three hour wait!!). The OXO Tower is lovely, but much busier than the Vista. It was lovely to catch up with Anna’s friend Ella and hear all about her recent London adventures. So lovely in fact that we suddenly looked at our watches and realised we were going to be totally late for dinner!

London Rooftop Bars-17 London Rooftop Bars-18

So we said our goodbyes and jumped into a taxi and prayed that we’d get to the Heron Tower in less than 15 minutes. 15 minutes later we had arrived (yay!) and headed up in the fantastic outdoor glass lift, to the 40th floor to the Duck & Waffle restaurant. If you’re ever in the area just get in the lift for the sheer joy of the speed and the views. It’s like a themepark ride (only without the fear and stomach-turning spins!).

London Rooftop Bars-19 London Rooftop Bars-20 London Rooftop Bars-21 London Rooftop Bars-22

This is such an amazing restaurant. I really can’t rave about it enough. The views are AMAZING! It’s the UK’s highest restaurant and rumour has it you can see as far as Windsor Castle on a good day. We had a great little window table which meant we were able to really take advantage of the view.

We started off with the world’s biggest olives. Seriously, they were huge. And so juicy and tasty!

London Rooftop Bars-23

Followed by the restaurant’s namesake dish – duck and waffle, with a fried egg and a delicious mustard and maple syrup sauce. It was amazing – we shared but I could have easily eaten a whole one myself.

London Rooftop Bars-24

London Rooftop Bars-285

After the duck we had the longhorn rib eye from Thirsk. Again, it was delightful. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but it really was. We managed to finish it, but only just. All of this was washed down with a very refreshing white zinfandel rose.

London Rooftop Bars-26 London Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars-28

They were really lovely and brought over a little ‘Happy Birthday’ plate for Anna, which is always a nice touch and a perfect way to finish the dinner. The whole dinner was wonderful – the food was great, the service attentive, and it was really relaxed and unpretentious.

London Rooftop Bars-36

Stomachs full, we headed down two flights of stairs (with this amazing view of the Gurkin), to our fourth rooftop bar of the day – Sushisamba. We both opted for the lychee cocktail, which was nice but soooo sweet. After our rather induldgent dinner, it took me about an hour to drink it! Anna also managed to sweet talk them into giving her a free glass of champagne since it was her birthday!

London Rooftop Bars-37

London Rooftop Bars

London Rooftop Bars

We finished the day sipping our lychee cocktails and talking to randoms, before heading home back to Southampton.

London Rooftop Bars London Rooftop Bars-32

London Rooftop Bars
London Rooftop Bars-34

It was such a fun day and one I would gladly repeat on a regular basis!

Victoria, x

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Nautical themed party

A Nautical Themed BBQ Party

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Motivational Penguin

Motivational Penguin

I thought I’d add a little animated fun to my Motivational Monday today. So cute, and so wise! Have a great week everyone. Victoria, x follow with bloglovin’ | find me on twitter | see me on instagram | follow me on pinterest


Anti-Clastic Bangle Workshop

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Icing a sponge cake

Making a two-tiered iced birthday cake

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Summer Smoothie

Lactofree Perfect Summer Smoothie

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Keep Smiling, Because Life is Beautiful

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Naked3 Palette

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Recent Hair Care Additions

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Craft Club June 2014

June’s Craft & Cocktail Club

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Don't stop when you are tired stop when you are done

Don’t Stop When You Are Tired

Oh my goodness. This quote summed up my weekend – well, two hours of my Saturday to be precise. You may recall that I said I was going on a hen do to Bude in Cornwall this month – well it was this weekend and it was brilliant! Since we were right on the beach,… 

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Lush Feeling Younger Review

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint Review

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Viking Direct Printer Review

Epson Printer Review from Viking Direct

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What I'm Looking Forward To in July

What I’m Looking Forward to in July

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How To Be Happy

I read this quote online the other day, and it really is true. You are in charge of how you feel. If you want to be happy, then choose happiness. I mean, feel free to choose grumpiness, but it’s not nearly as much fun as happiness! Have a great week! Victoria, x follow with bloglovin’ | find… 

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