My Favourite Christmas Pinterest Pins

I love Christmas and I love crafting, so you can imagine I might go a bit nuts at this time of year! My Christmas Pinterest board is getting fuller by the minutes, but unfortunately there aren’t an unlimited number of minutes left until Christmas, so I’m going to have to narrow down my Pinterest crafty project to a few select ones.

Here are the Christmas Pinterest projects I’d really like to do this year:

How cute is this? We were really lame last year and forgot to give our neighbours Christmas cards, so these will definitely make up for it. I’d maybe put a couple  of cookies in each bag though, as giving a whole family just one cookie isn’t very neighbourly! I wouldn’t want to start any pre-Christmas family feuds!

Pinterest-Xmas-Craft-IdeasSecond on the list is this adorable glitter Rudolf – how sweet is he? And lots of fun to make too. These would also make great gifts for neighbours/teachers etc. EDIT: I’ve made these now – see them here Homemade Christmas Gift Tags and Decorations.


I actually made these cranberry floating candle things last year (but don’t have a decent picture of it). I bought some floating candle wax beads from the Winchester Christmas Market, then filled a vase full of water, added some fresh rosemary from the garden (in the hope it looked liked a pine tree/Christmas tree bits), then added some cranberrys, then the candle wax and a wick… it looked brilliant! I was really pleased.

Pinterest-Xmas-Craft-Ideas3I’m going to and hosting a few Christmas parties this year, so I might bake some yummy Christmas themed treats for my hosts/guests. These are the things on the top of my list:


For more details on any of these Pinterest projects, head over to my Pinterest page: (yes… I did name my Pinterest account after my cat Chapsley… yes I am a total cat lady loser!).

Victoria x

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  • Anne

    Everything looks cute! I love the Rudolf for in the Christmas tree.


    • Victoria

      I know! I have some crafty supplies and will be making these soon (blog post to follow when they’re done – as long as they look good!!). x